Zoa Wed Emergency Aid in Liberia

Over 700,000 people on the run in Liberia! Dismissed from the house and the fire, fled from the violence of war. Among them is a great lack of food, drinking water, clothing and blankets. ZOA Refugee Care has started an emergency relief campaign together with Woord en Daad . In this way, goods are distributed and preventive health care is provided. Help ZOA help! The refugees need your support!  

Would you like to know more about emergency aid in Liberia? Then take a look at the photo page  . Or read the diary of Timmo Gaasbeek, member of the emergency assistance team in Liberia. He writes a weekly diary for Radio 1 De Ochtenden.

 Child soldiers with a small heart“Everywhere I go in the hinterland of Liberia, the general population begs for security and more UN-MIL soldiers. Child soldiers with big guns said to me this week: We really want to go to school. “,, This week I paid an impressive visit to the hinterland of Liberia, certainly not a peaceful area. Woord en Daad and ZOA are currently working on thousands of refugees around Monrovia, where the situation is reasonably stable. We aim, however, to extend humanitarian aid if safety in the hinterland increases. 
Everywhere I come across child soldiers, often young teenagers of only twelve years old. These children have done the most horrible things by being intimidated and under the influence of drugs. They have a big mouth and a big gun, but a small heart. From some I heard that they killed at least fifty people. At the same time, their question to us is so childish: We are tired of this war, we want to go to school.The desire for a normal life is great. What strikes me is the liveliness and involvement of the general population. People have a lot of energy and the will to build a new future. The inhabitants and the relief organizations are waiting a difficult task to give shape to this desire – a new Liberia. “Zeger de Haan (Director ZOA) from Liberia, Want your ex back, want to learn how you can get your love of life back to your life? Check these below review of products which have proven it every time.