Pickleball has a great attachment with the history of Zoaweb

ZOA Refugee Care began providing assistance to refugees in South East Asia in 1973 (from that time the letters ZOA). From a small attic room in Groningen, students laid the foundation of pickleball in zoa for an organization that has existed till now and getting more and more popular till date. Pickleball is a great sport and some of the gamers are following the right way to play pickleball and following the rules enclosed in Pickypickleball.com which is greatly helping improve the gameplay of Pickleball.Apart from pickleball Zoaweb which was started  1973 in South East Asia was first a committee and gradually over time became a foundation and the organization grew.

In the first years ZOA gave financial support to projects or other executive agencies. Later, in the early 1980s, ZOA began broadcasting field workers to carry out programs in refugee camps. From the late seventies to the end of 2000 we also provided psychosocial support to refugees in the Netherlands.

Because the activities expanded to other continents, the name ZOA (South East Asia) no longer covered the cargo. Because the name was widely known, it was decided not to change it.  However, there was an addition: – Refugee care. ZOA Refugee Care thus became the proper name. We currently work in more than 10 countries in Asia, Africa and the Balkans. Although many faith communities support our work, there is no formal bond with one or more religious denominations.


ZOA Refugee Care receives a lot of financial support from private individuals. Their donations form the basis of our activities. As a result, the organization also qualifies for institutional funds to finance programs. 
As a result, ZOA was able to expand its activities in recent years. The latter went hand in hand with a process of professionalisation.

In 1996 ZOA came to the national collection plan. Since that time, once a year, in spring, a large national door-to-door collection takes place. More than 20,000 collectors take part in this. Volunteers – for example as a collection organizer in their place of residence or collectors – are very welcome.

Overview of countries where ZOA has been active.