Emergency aid

The provision of emergency assistance is one of the core tasks of ZOA Refugee Care. This assistance is provided for emergencies due to natural disasters and armed conflicts. Or a combination of these.

ZOA Refugee Care provides emergency assistance by becoming involved in the operation itself or by supporting local or international partner organizations. The starting point here is that the professionalism and reliability is guaranteed. The decision of whether or not to become operational itself depends, among other things, on:

  • Whether we are already present in the relevant area;
  • Whether we have contact with local and international partner organizations;
  • Whether – if it is already a ZOA project country – we have sufficient capacity on site or that extra manpower is needed;
  • Whether the emergency relief activity takes place in an area where there are plans for future assistance.

Preparedness – well prepared for emergency situations

An important condition for proper implementation of emergency aid is the timely availability of sufficient people and resources. Financial, logistics and personnel. 

ZOA financially realizes this in the form of an emergency aid fund. This allows direct pre-financing of emergency relief activities. 
For logistical preparedness, an emergency aid supply is held. This mainly consists of communication equipment and other logistical resources that are necessary for a quick start of assistance. 

In the personal sense preparedness consists mainly of a group of ‘Short Term Workers who has joined the organization. These are professionals with relevant foreign experience. In principle, they are available on call. Several specializations are represented within this group of more than 40 people. Including healthcare, communication, management and administration. 

ZOA currently has an emergency aid program in Liberia. Thousands of refugees have been displaced in this country by the brutal civil war. Do you want to know what ZOA does in Liberia? Click on the link below and you will receive more information about this country.

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