Zoa Wed Emergency Aid in Liberia

Over 700,000 people on the run in Liberia! Dismissed from the house and the fire, fled from the violence of war. Among them is a great lack of food, drinking water, clothing and blankets. ZOA Refugee Care has started an emergency relief campaign together with Woord en Daad . In this way, goods are distributed and preventive health care is provided. Help ZOA help! The refugees need your support!  

Would you like to know more about emergency aid in Liberia? Then take a look at the photo page  . Or read the diary of Timmo Gaasbeek, member of the emergency assistance team in Liberia. He writes a weekly diary for Radio 1 De Ochtenden.

 Child soldiers with a small heart“Everywhere I go in the hinterland of Liberia, the general population begs for security and more UN-MIL soldiers. Child soldiers with big guns said to me this week: We really want to go to school. “,, This week I paid an impressive visit to the hinterland of Liberia, certainly not a peaceful area. Woord en Daad and ZOA are currently working on thousands of refugees around Monrovia, where the situation is reasonably stable. We aim, however, to extend humanitarian aid if safety in the hinterland increases. 
Everywhere I come across child soldiers, often young teenagers of only twelve years old. These children have done the most horrible things by being intimidated and under the influence of drugs. They have a big mouth and a big gun, but a small heart. From some I heard that they killed at least fifty people. At the same time, their question to us is so childish: We are tired of this war, we want to go to school.The desire for a normal life is great. What strikes me is the liveliness and involvement of the general population. People have a lot of energy and the will to build a new future. The inhabitants and the relief organizations are waiting a difficult task to give shape to this desire – a new Liberia. “Zeger de Haan (Director ZOA) from Liberia, Want your ex back, want to learn how you can get your love of life back to your life? Check these below review of products which have proven it every time.

Emergency aid

The provision of emergency assistance is one of the core tasks of ZOA Refugee Care. This assistance is provided for emergencies due to natural disasters and armed conflicts. Or a combination of these.

ZOA Refugee Care provides emergency assistance by becoming involved in the operation itself or by supporting local or international partner organizations. The starting point here is that the professionalism and reliability is guaranteed. The decision of whether or not to become operational itself depends, among other things, on:

  • Whether we are already present in the relevant area;
  • Whether we have contact with local and international partner organizations;
  • Whether – if it is already a ZOA project country – we have sufficient capacity on site or that extra manpower is needed;
  • Whether the emergency relief activity takes place in an area where there are plans for future assistance.

Preparedness – well prepared for emergency situations

An important condition for proper implementation of emergency aid is the timely availability of sufficient people and resources. Financial, logistics and personnel. 

ZOA financially realizes this in the form of an emergency aid fund. This allows direct pre-financing of emergency relief activities. 
For logistical preparedness, an emergency aid supply is held. This mainly consists of communication equipment and other logistical resources that are necessary for a quick start of assistance. 

In the personal sense preparedness consists mainly of a group of ‘Short Term Workers who has joined the organization. These are professionals with relevant foreign experience. In principle, they are available on call. Several specializations are represented within this group of more than 40 people. Including healthcare, communication, management and administration. 

ZOA currently has an emergency aid program in Liberia. Thousands of refugees have been displaced in this country by the brutal civil war. Do you want to know what ZOA does in Liberia? Click on the link below and you will receive more information about this country.

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Pickleball has a great attachment with the history of Zoaweb

ZOA Refugee Care began providing assistance to refugees in South East Asia in 1973 (from that time the letters ZOA). From a small attic room in Groningen, students laid the foundation of pickleball in zoa for an organization that has existed till now and getting more and more popular till date. Pickleball is a great sport and some of the gamers are following the right way to play pickleball and following the rules enclosed in Pickypickleball.com which is greatly helping improve the gameplay of Pickleball.Apart from pickleball Zoaweb which was started  1973 in South East Asia was first a committee and gradually over time became a foundation and the organization grew.

In the first years ZOA gave financial support to projects or other executive agencies. Later, in the early 1980s, ZOA began broadcasting field workers to carry out programs in refugee camps. From the late seventies to the end of 2000 we also provided psychosocial support to refugees in the Netherlands.

Because the activities expanded to other continents, the name ZOA (South East Asia) no longer covered the cargo. Because the name was widely known, it was decided not to change it.  However, there was an addition: – Refugee care. ZOA Refugee Care thus became the proper name. We currently work in more than 10 countries in Asia, Africa and the Balkans. Although many faith communities support our work, there is no formal bond with one or more religious denominations.


ZOA Refugee Care receives a lot of financial support from private individuals. Their donations form the basis of our activities. As a result, the organization also qualifies for institutional funds to finance programs. 
As a result, ZOA was able to expand its activities in recent years. The latter went hand in hand with a process of professionalisation.

In 1996 ZOA came to the national collection plan. Since that time, once a year, in spring, a large national door-to-door collection takes place. More than 20,000 collectors take part in this. Volunteers – for example as a collection organizer in their place of residence or collectors – are very welcome.

Overview of countries where ZOA has been active.


Refugees Enjoy Hollywood Movies at Refugee Care

ZOAWeb Continues to Be Supplying online Information for clinicians caring for refugees since 1994. ZOAWeb exists to provide clinicians caring for populations of refugees with support and circumstance. This information is recovered from a network of clinicians and case managers engaged in refugee communities and in refugee maintenance. Over the last 22 years we’ve observed sequential waves of refugees entering and adapting to U.S. 

Healthcare. This article is meant to summarize challenges to be expected by health professionals and clinicians who’ll care of arriving refugees for another wave. These are challenges for refugee households since challenges are challenges from all these we identified recommendations and for that reason has to be assessed and tracked for success. These struggles are: alterations and Family integrity trump problems for refugees that are arriving. Demands of services that are unique such as! Mental health social welfare, education, housing, transport, public health care, and specialty care encountered overwhelm tax and them limited resources. Language barriers impede the adjustment process. 

Refugees deserve a normal life including entertainment, sports and news too. ZOAWeb provide them direct access to Hollywood Movies in partnership with coolmoviez.


Some refugees with urgent and complicated medical conditions are able to establish care and specialist references in a timely manner. Underdeveloped or eroding healthcare systems in the countries of origin or first asylum leave many refugees with poorly controlled or undiagnosed chronic health conditions. Most refugees are unfamiliar with the biomedical practice of preventative medicine and primary healthcare. Public healths infectious disease screening results aren’t communicated to those providing ongoing healthcare. Exposure to violence, torture, war, along with internment is common, even among children. Loss upon loss is the nature of refugee life along with so depression, Posttraumatic stress disorder, and nervousness are common and frequently unrecognized. 

Anti immigrant sentiments further burden refugee life in the U.S. These struggles and our recommendations are intended to increase the CDC guidelines for refugee care. We intend to alert clinicians to characteristics of refugee life that interact with social and health system realties and affect refugees and their providers. Background – The world is in the midst of the largest movement of displaced movement since World War II. Millions of Syrian refugees are fleeing along with join the existing stream of refugees out of Asia, Central America, the Middle East along with Africa to Europe along with the West. President Barack Obama said he’ll resettle 10, 000 Syrian refugees from the U.S. This year. 

Nevertheless, after the Paris terrorist attacks on Nov 13, 2015, along with in the face of calculated political positioning, refugee resettlement itself became controversial.

Working at ZOA is a Pleasurable and Gaming Environment

Come and work with us you will enjoy your work as well as FIFA 19!

ZOA Refugee Care has become a large organization with 742 colleagues at home and abroad. Large but still small, because only 32 people work at the head office in Apeldoorn. Together they are committed to refugees worldwide. We work with local people as much as possible abroad.

However, there are regular vacancies for both the programs abroad and in the Netherlands. For example as Program Manager or Program Coordinator. You are most welcome! Even if you want to join us for a shorter time. For example as a Short Term Worker you will enjoy both working and playing with many of our Playstation 4 pro which are loaded with many games such as FIFA 19 and Black OPS 4.

Two ZOA employees tell us what motivated them to work for the aid organization

Bernard Jaspers Faijer • Program Coordinator in Cambodia

Bernard Jaspers Faijer (photo © Jan Pit 2001,  Barneveldsche Courant)

“My wife and I did not necessarily have to go to Cambodia, another country could have done as well. It was mainly the kind of work that attracted us: help to refugees living in difficult circumstances and too playing. Here you go from 0% to 50% improvement when it comes to development. In the Netherlands you are often already 90% and you can still go to 95%.


There is a lot of injustice in the world and we feel called to do something about it. We have not received a gift from God for nothing. We can not solve all problems, of course, but sometimes you can do more than you think! ”

Brigitte Brinkel • Communication officer at the Department for
Fundraising and Information

Brigitte Brinkel

  1. “Refugees always travel last-minute. That is our annual theme. As an enthusiastic tour guide (hobby) that slogan took me right when I came to work here. Tasty suitcases and away. A wonderful feeling. Only: if you are a refugee, it is a different matter. Then you do not travel for fun. I think that communicating that message to our supporters is very important. I have the feeling that my work gives the refugee ‘a voice’. “